I was responsible for managing Maciej's work during his internship at Dynatrace, and I really didn't have much to worry about, apart from running out of tasks planned for him. Maciej is a very talented developer, with great ideas and ability to make them happen. His work was of exceptional quality and technical skills far above expectations you might have for an intern. I'm looking forward to being able to work with Maciej again in the future.

Wiktor Bachnik

Maciej is a wonderful worker who loves to code. It is very early on in his career so has some great passion. He will surely become a top coder, and it's great to work with him early on.


A+ . Excellent person to work with. Highly recommended. Will certainly work with him again. He excells at Google Add-ons.

Owen Barker

Maciej met and exceeded all expectations. He had good, prompt communication and completed the task very efficiently. Would work with again.

Paolo Vidali


Route4Me SDK

  • Go

My goal was to create a SDK to wrap route4me REST API for easier route optimization using Go language. High integration test coverage and wiki were required.

Ściana Płaczu

  • Go
  • Ionic

A Hack Heroes Hackathon winning application built to help Poles find available dates of medical services in polish institutions. Provides a concise open api as well as an offline-first progressive web application. Open source.


VLO Student App

  • Go
  • Javascript
  • vue.js
  • Google Apps

Student website imitating a native app by using bleeding edge browser APIs and Google Scripts for the backend. I made a blog post about the backend architecture.



  • Javascript
  • Chrome

An open source Chrome extension made for making signing up easier by prefilling forms. Supports variables such as website name.



  • Java
  • ReverseEngineering
  • DRMs

Multiplatform plugin exploiting minecraft protocol to allow animated motd on client-side serverlist. (Protocol has been patched). Heavily utilizes abstraction to support multiple server engines. Documentation.


  • Java
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Mysql

A minecraft statistics plugin/website. Tracks multiple aspects of the gameplay. Allows for adding multiple severs with ease by using a control panel. Developed in the middle of 2014. The goal was to provide an easily understandable source-code for the client (OOP PHP was chosen).


  • Java
  • SysOP
  • Web stack

A big server project focusing on movement (jumping) mechanics of the minecraft game. Handled 300 players at peaks without any issues on a single server instance. I was the only full-stack developer and linux administrator.


  • Java
  • Redis

A Bungeecord proxy light-weight player loadbalancing plugin. Used Redis to store player-count across bungeecord instances. Designed for the RespawnNetwork - one of the biggest networks at the time.

21 other plugins

  • Java
  • SQL

Mainly Spigot plugins providing all kinds of game mechanics: starting from inventory management ending with integrating 3rd party services into the game. Often used reflection and native code for more innovative features.