Using Google Apps Scripts for a simple backend

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  • apps
  • go

I’m not that much of a frontend guy, but I was encouraged by the technology pace used in browsers to play with it. My goal was simple - create a website that imitates a native app. I didn’t have any brilliant ideas at the time therefore my choice fell on a simple student app for my school featuring:

Generic event emitter/dispatcher in Go

  • go
  • reflect
  • events

Go doesn’t support generics, one can use go generate, but writing code for that is a pain. Instead we can tinker with reflection to manipulate types and channels. This allows us to create neat event dispatcher with user friendly handler registration and somewhat reasonable event registration.

Parsing HTML with Go using stream processing

  • go
  • stream-processing
  • web

Over a month ago I’ve created a handy tool to create sitemaps only with URLs matching specific rules. I want to talk about problems and challenges I faced, but mainly explain the art of stream processing.